Artist Statement

I look at things as a sculptor. I am interested in the human condition and its expression. My work begins with the study of life models, from which I make life-size charcoal drawings and abstract and figurative sculptures in clay, plaster, wood and bronze. Thinking and working with the figure includes the understanding of the internal spiritual and physical essence of the human form as well as the expansion of the form into the surrounding space. Thus, I explore both architectural and natural surroundings in the creation of the works.

My work may be abstract or figurative but is united by a single and constant idea. That concept is the embodiment of the soul of some body or some thing. It may even be the distillation of an entire environment which is translated into a particular shape or for which I discover a specific body.

Many of my sculptures contain an underlying social-political concern. With traditional materials and timeless themes I wish to portray the universal nature of contemporary situations. Thus, the work Adamo e Eva became for me an expression of my compassion for the people suffering in the war in Sarajevo.

I want the sculptures to touch the viewer through their immediacy and expression. In the same way I want the viewer to enliven the sculptures through touching.


Hokkaido, Japan 

Brooklyn, New York, USA